Celestial Warrior VS. Dating

Hey, remember Celestial Warrior? No? She’s been in like, four of our comic strips. Anyway, I designed a special date outfit for her! That’s because drawing her armor takes a long time to draw.

My birthday is coming up and as an early present my parents bought me a unicorn cat tunnel for our cats. They love it and it’s the finniest thing I have ever seen. This has been your cat update for the week.

Art and Commerce (our 50th comic strip!)

Okay story time.

Daniel and I share a Google Drive account, so he uploads the scripts and I look at them in Drive.

About a year ago he walks into the room where I playing Pokemon or something and said, “Um, I wrote a script you probably don’t want to draw. It has a very specific mashup character. I made a reference photo for you in some editing software. Um. Let me know if you like it? I’m sorry.”

Confused, I logged into Drive and saw this:

Anyway, we have made 50 of these silly weird comics so we decided to reward your patience and loyalty with some nightmares. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, we love making Pigeon’s Invisible Castle and it is a major source of pride for us both. Thank you for sticking around.

Interns in Space Part 3

Well, this update is a little late. This weekend we adopted two cats!! So we were a little bit preoccupied.

I hope that those of you who donated and posted about Black Lives Matter will not stop caring now that a lot of your feeds have gone back to normal. We are back on our regular post schedule here, but we have not forgotten that, at time of posting, Breonna Taylor’s murderers have not been convicted. A lot has been done, and there is still so much more to do.

In any case, we do have cats now and their names are James and Baxter named after the fun horse from Adventure Time, which is our favorite show.

Black Trans Lives Matter (Happy Pride)

There is a lot going on, and while I am sure some people would rather us return to regular comic updates, we would rather honor the marginalized groups whose lives are at risk. This week, on the anniversary of the Pulse massacre, trans protections were stripped by the Trump administration. We are also seeing the continued protests against police brutality, which is an issue that affects the LGBT+ community as well as African Americans. It is important to understand the intersection of LGBT+ issues and problems that the Black community face. This is why, this Pride month, we hope you will consider donating to a charity that helps Black LGBT+ folks. Here is a list of charities you can donate to. Happy Pride.

Black Lives Matter. (some links.)

Sneaking a pro-protest message into the description of a regular comic update like last week didn’t feel like the right think to do this time. If you haven’t already donated, please do so if you are able. You can find links for specific places to donate here.

Some articles, lists, and resources I have found helpful this week:

Black Lives Matter: 8 Reading Recommendations.
BLM Instructional Library
15 Black Comic Artists Whose Work You Need to Read
Dear White People, This is What We Want You To Do

And because we should be supporting black-owned business—not just now, but all the time—here is:
A Big List of Black-Owned Goth/Punk Brands.

It is entirely possible that we will update this list later this week, or perhaps not.

Stay safe if you’re protesting, help the protesters any way you can if you’re not.

Interns in Space! Part 2

I am very happy that Daniel has written a new Interns in Space script for me to draw. And we introduced a fourth intern! I had fun designing our new pink four-eyed friend here.

Hey there is a lot going on right now. I hope everyone who is involved in the protests is taking whatever precautions they can to not catch or spread the virus. That being said, I want to make it clear: Black lives matter. Please stay safe everyone.

Oh, and happy Pride month!! Remember, the first Pride was a riot!