Interns… In Space!


Hey so this is one of my favorite of Daniel’s scripts, and it’s super flattering to me because it’s based on a portfolio piece I did in college, long before he and I actually met. He’s looked through my old portfolio a few times, and I’ve said I want to make the concept of Space Interns into a full comic. We are toying with the idea of more Interns in Space comic strips but right now we don’t know what that would look like. For now, enjoy the first time I have ever drawn someone made out of goo.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still happening, so I hope those of you who are able to isolate are doing that! And I hope those of you who cannot are staying safe!

A Fly.

Hey everyone! I know I said this last time as well, but things are very scary right now. We both hope that you are all safe. Even if you are not personally worried about getting sick, remember to stay home (if you can!!) so as not to risk spreading the virus to the vulnerable people in your community!

This is a quick comic page this time, because as I was drawing it the fact that this is Week 3 of Isolation now really hit me, and that was a little rough. Since I have a little more free time than usual right now, I am going to try for next week to draw one of the more complicated of Daniel’s scripts. No promises! But that’s my goal.

Competitive Heraldry

Whoops! I usually queue up the comic page on here the night before so it goes up at 7:30, but I forgot to do that yesterday. So this is being posted late!

I love drawing dudes in full armor.

If you are currently in any of the areas affected by coronavirus, I hope you are staying safe! A lot of people are still working at grocery stores, at hospitals, and child care facilities during this Social Distancing Time and a lot of those people are in the at-risk groups. Stay safe, everybody!