Framing Device

Hey! So the other comic I have been working on will be going up every Friday from now on! It is called The Adventures of Blisterfish, and it is a reboot of a comic I first started during college. Its totally redone from the ground up, and I am really proud of it. Head on over to the Blisterfish site or follow Blisterfish on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram where I will be posting a little announcement every time a new page is up. Hopefully this means Daniel and I will be back to doing Pigeon’s Invisible Castle a little more frequently again, but I still have to work on chapter 2 of Blisterfish in advance. We hope you had a great Valentines Day!

A Happy New Year

Happy 2021 everybody! 2020 was a long, rough, painful year, and there is hope that 2021 will be better. However, please remember that the problems with 2020 were not confined to the year, it was not some sort of 365-day-long curse, it is the result of accumulated structural issues and must be dealt with long term on a massive scale. But things CAN get better!