Two Lingos

Daniel is using my iPad to relearn Spanish on Duo Lingo, and I’m using it on my phone to relearn French! Can you tell that Daniel is a little jaded about it?

Hey here’s the translation of the Spanish in case you need it:

-“I am a Spanish student”
-“I speak Spanish poorly”
-“I don’t want to pay a little bit of money to learn well”
-“I am a poor and bad person”

Human Simulator

Hey, this page may look a little different, and that’s because most of the pages lately have been made on my iPad in Procreate, instead of on my computer in Photoshop. Well, I wanted to use Photoshop again this time because… I got a new computer!! I got a desktop this time instead of an Apple laptop, and I was really eager to draw on it. It’s a much better set up than my old computer art set up. And anyway, I wanted to mockup the fake videogame UI for this comic in Illustrator.

The Human Body Was A Mistake

Hey do you remember this person and their talking cat? Do you remember them from all the way back in the chromecat comic strip? I brought them back for this one. They don’t have names. Yay!

This is not so subtly inspired by this small critter in our house:

…Yeah I don’t know how that’s comfortable either. Freakin’ cats, am I right?

Celestial Warrior VS. Dating PART TWO!

It’s the return of the date!!

This is based on that time Daniel was in a bar and ordered spaghetti and shook parmesan on the pasta for like 5 minutes straight and an old man saw him doing it and shook his head at Daniel in abject despair. He defends is rampant parm overuse to this day.

I had my birthday this past week! That’s exciting sort of! I hope everyone has a good week and is staying healthy amid the.. still continuing… COVID-19 pandemic.

Celestial Warrior VS. Dating

Hey, remember Celestial Warrior? No? She’s been in like, four of our comic strips. Anyway, I designed a special date outfit for her! That’s because drawing her armor takes a long time to draw.

My birthday is coming up and as an early present my parents bought me a unicorn cat tunnel for our cats. They love it and it’s the finniest thing I have ever seen. This has been your cat update for the week.

Art and Commerce (our 50th comic strip!)

Okay story time.

Daniel and I share a Google Drive account, so he uploads the scripts and I look at them in Drive.

About a year ago he walks into the room where I playing Pokemon or something and said, “Um, I wrote a script you probably don’t want to draw. It has a very specific mashup character. I made a reference photo for you in some editing software. Um. Let me know if you like it? I’m sorry.”

Confused, I logged into Drive and saw this:

Anyway, we have made 50 of these silly weird comics so we decided to reward your patience and loyalty with some nightmares. You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, we love making Pigeon’s Invisible Castle and it is a major source of pride for us both. Thank you for sticking around.