Two Lingos

Daniel is using my iPad to relearn Spanish on Duo Lingo, and I’m using it on my phone to relearn French! Can you tell that Daniel is a little jaded about it?

Hey here’s the translation of the Spanish in case you need it:

-“I am a Spanish student”
-“I speak Spanish poorly”
-“I don’t want to pay a little bit of money to learn well”
-“I am a poor and bad person”

Human Simulator

Hey, this page may look a little different, and that’s because most of the pages lately have been made on my iPad in Procreate, instead of on my computer in Photoshop. Well, I wanted to use Photoshop again this time because… I got a new computer!! I got a desktop this time instead of an Apple laptop, and I was really eager to draw on it. It’s a much better set up than my old computer art set up. And anyway, I wanted to mockup the fake videogame UI for this comic in Illustrator.

The Human Body Was A Mistake

Hey do you remember this person and their talking cat? Do you remember them from all the way back in the chromecat comic strip? I brought them back for this one. They don’t have names. Yay!

This is not so subtly inspired by this small critter in our house:

…Yeah I don’t know how that’s comfortable either. Freakin’ cats, am I right?