Black Lives Matter. (some links.)

Sneaking a pro-protest message into the description of a regular comic update like last week didn’t feel like the right think to do this time. If you haven’t already donated, please do so if you are able. You can find links for specific places to donate here.

Some articles, lists, and resources I have found helpful this week:

Black Lives Matter: 8 Reading Recommendations.
BLM Instructional Library
15 Black Comic Artists Whose Work You Need to Read
Dear White People, This is What We Want You To Do

And because we should be supporting black-owned business—not just now, but all the time—here is:
A Big List of Black-Owned Goth/Punk Brands.

It is entirely possible that we will update this list later this week, or perhaps not.

Stay safe if you’re protesting, help the protesters any way you can if you’re not.

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