Ostrich Facts

Oh man, ostriches are hard to draw!!

Hey everyone, remember how we had a really solid update schedule until I had a surgery last April that really threw a wrench into everything? Well that’s about to happen again. I have a very minor surgery in less than 2 weeks and then another huge one in April. We will attempt to update when possible but things might be a little unorganized for a while.


The background on this is that I play the Pokémon videogames, and at one point I showed Daniel (who does not play Pokémon) Klefki, the keys Pokémon who is fairy and steel type. Daniel hates Klefki, and I constantly try to show him Pokémon who I think are as lazy a design as this but he is convinced this is the laziest. For the record, I don’t personally have a problem with Klefki, I just think it’s funny.